Diwali is the biggest and the brightest festival in India, indulge in the joy of giving this season.

Browse through our wide range of Diwali gifts ideas for corporate and spread happiness. We at Chocoland believe that customization makes all the difference and makes the gift even more special.

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Diwali festival is celebrated with joy and cheers every year in India. It is also known as the festival of fireworks and light. It is one festival that overcomes the issues of geographic boundaries, religious issues, and also common problems. Many people celebrate the Diwali festival in their style following their traditions and customs bringing oneness in the heart. The Diwali festival is celebrated in various corporate business in India where the employees and employers come together to celebrate it.

At this season, demand is high for Diwali corporate gifts in the companies. They often handed to the employees by their employers. This generates a good relationship between the employers and their employees. The Diwali corporate gifts are sent to the company’s existing clients to improve their relationships hen selecting the appropriate Diwali corporate gifts for your staff and customers they differ in ideas.

As a tradition, Diwali corporate gifts are an acknowledgement of love and affection that we give to our loved ones. At this occasion, some popular gift options are provided below;

Diwali Sweets or Chocolates: A perfect way to express your feelings or send best wishes is through sweets or chocolates of different tastes/designs adorned with beautiful packaging. Now a day’s gifts with customized messages are also very popular.

Gift Hampers: One of the ideal Diwali Gifts for Employees is gift baskets. Some gift hampers comprise of very expensive gifts like statues of gods and goddess. Employers need to select the best Diwali Gifts for Employees that are memorable.

Combo Gifts: Diwali Corporate Gifts can also comprise of gifting expensive and best quality combo like stationery, silver gifts like silver coin, dry fruit basket, decorative items like bells and hanging lights, wall paintings.

Unique Corporate Gifts: Expensive pair watches, pens, and apparels are gifted to inspire the employees.

Gift vouchers: Giving gift vouchers on Diwali to your employees will be a perfect gift for them. This will bring a feeling of being considered as a part of the family by their employers. Gift vouchers can be of any shop or mall where they can redeem any items of their choice.

However corporate houses should note that these Diwali corporate gifts should not exceed the budget set by the company; the gifts should also not be too cheap as it could tarnish the reputation of the company almost instantly.

It is not a rule that corporate houses should have the same idea for diwali corporate gifts. In fact, companies differ in the thoughts, mainly influenced by the budget they set for themselves. These ideas are based on the kind of relationship that the employer might share with the employees’. These gifts are an extension of support from the company, and it also signifies that they require the same support and trust from their employees’ in the days to come. These gifts are a great way to start off the festivities.

It is important to remember the corporate should not make a distinction between employees when distributing these Diwali corporate gifts as it might cause unnecessary hostility and discord. Treating all employees’ alike is a great way for employers to regain their trust and support.

The image of a business, as well as its relationship with clients, are both strengthened by giving away corporate gifts. They are an effective marketing tool. These gifts, if made use of smartly, can help a company boost its revenues quite significantly. They can be presented to participants at a particular event or to guests at the official launch of a company’s new product offering. These gifts are multipurpose promotion tool and hence, very effective.

Employees always value corporate gifts. Such gifts on a regular basis keep the employees happy and make them feel worthy. Corporate gifts make sure that good employees understand their contribution is being appreciated by the management so that these employees continue to stay with the business to render their services. But gifts ought to be picked wisely. The gift must be useful and likeable to make the recipient happy. A personalized gift gives great pleasure to the recipient who values it even more.

Branding your company is an essential step if you are in business. The purpose of branding is to convey your message to consumers and bring your product or service into their minds. One effective way to brand your company is to use corporate gifts.Your company’s logo, name, color, and symbol should all be embodied into the corporate gifts that you intend to give out to the public. You can hold an event and use your gifts as door gifts to distribute them to your guests. This will make your company very presentable and create the right impression and branding in your consumers’ minds.

One thing to note is that branding is about quality. No one wants to brand his or her company on inferior products. Although you are giving out “free gifts” to your consumers, you will also need to make sure that the “free gifts” have a certain standard. By choosing quality corporate gifts to give away, you are heading the right direction to create a good and lasting impression of your company in their minds.Before you go off and order bulks of corporate gifts for your company, make sure that you do not overspend your budget. There are a lot of cases whereby companies “over-ordered” and lots of corporate gifts are being left over after an event.

You can use the Internet to locate corporate gifts providers. These online retailers usually offer better pricing when compared to offline retailers as they have lower overheads to cover and thus can pass on their savings to the consumers.Through the Internet, you will also have enough choices to choose from, so that you will be able to make the best purchase decision for your company.

Remember, although it is a “gift” to your consumers, it is also important to maintain the level of quality of your corporate gifts so as to leave a good impression of your company in their minds. You will not want your company to be seen as cheapskates when it comes to corporate branding.Branding a company through corporate gifts is a proven marketing method. Other than cost-effective (provided budget is well-kept), it is also a good way to create a lasting impression in other people minds if your gifts are unique and creative enough.So sit down with your management team and define your branding and marketing objectives first, and allocate a comfortable budget to invest in some corporate gifts for branding.

The Indian chocolate industry has come a long way. Ever since 1948 the Cadbury have ruled the hearts of Indians with its delicious taste. It was in 1990s, that the chocolate tycoon redefined the concept of chocolates, shifting the focus from ‘just for kids’ and encouraged people to bring out the child in them.

Since then, the per capita consumption of chocolate has almost trebled. Today, increasing disposable incomes, a rising trend in gifting chocolates, and surging sales of dark chocolates are all providing a major boost to the industry.

In fact, the traditional sweet shops have taken a hit. Indians seem to be showing a departure in taste palates in favour of the more modern, neatly packed chocolate boxes. These sweet delights especially packaged for festivals are available everywhere catering to different niche. Also, chocolates in the corporate gifting segment are the new trend, with variety of gift-packaging and customisation in branding. Indeed, India is working up a voracious appetite for chocolates.
The following infographic takes a look at the chocolate industry including the current market size and growth, the consumption trends and production, the competitive landscape :